Scrutiny Review Request

The Brighton Living Wage campaign has submitted a request for the Council Scrutiny Committee to look into the feasibility of introducing a Living Wage for all those employed by Brighton and Hove City Council.

A Scrutiny Review provides the opportunity for a cross-party panel of councillors to look into a subject which affects the whole city, and provide recommendations based on the findings.

The Campaign asked the Scrutiny Committee to look into a number of questions, including:

  • How much it would cost the Council to introduce a Living Wage
  • What savings the Council would make (in terms of staff retention and recruitment, savings on benefits to low waged individuals) by introducing a Living Wage
  • How many council employees, or those employed under council contracts, are currently paid less than a Living Wage
  • The extent to which a Living Wage might encourage unemployed people caught in the ‘benefits trap’ and unwilling to take up very low paid work to start employment

The Scrutiny Committee will decide in September which topics they will review. A report of the Scrutiny recommendations will go to decision-makers and to full Council.

There is ample evidence that setting a Living Wage is not only good for employees, but has a positive effect on the wider local economy. We hope that a Scrutiny Review of how a Living Wage would impact on Brighton will convince councillors that including a Living Wage in the Council Budget will benefit the whole city.

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