Get involved

If you’d like to be part of the Brighton Living Wage Campaign please get in touch  – our email is brightonlivingwage [at]

We need people to help with  a range of campaign actions including getting public support, talks to community groups and signing organisations and individuals up to the campaign.

Take action now – email your MP or councillor:
You can let your local MP or councillor know that you would like the Brighton Living wage to be included in the next Council budget by emailing or writing to them or even meeting with them.  Find out who your local MP and councillor are and their details at or at

Here are some points you might like to include:

  • A Living Wage for all those employed by the Council or companies contracted by the Council has already been introduced by five London boroughs
  • There are substantial benefits for employers to introducing a Living Wage (see Business Case page)
  • Introducing a Living Wage would make Brighton a healthier city and reduce poverty in the city.

Please let us know if you have taken this action and if you receive a response from your representative.


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