Nationally, the living wage campaign is supported both by a range of individuals and organisations:

Conservative Mayor of London

The capital relies on the work of many who carry out the city’s essential functions on a daily basis – from office cleaners to care-workers in social services. It is right that their skills and commitment to London’s success are recognised, and one of the most fundamental ways of doing this is to ensure that all Londoners are paid properly.  That means receiving at least the London Living Wage, which is designed to combat poverty and also ensure that people are better off in work than out of work

Boris Johnson, Conservative Mayor of London

Green Party MP for Brighton Pavilion

The absolute minimum needed for a basic existence, calculated by this approach, shows that the minimum wage falls well short of what’s needed. More than a pound an hour short in fact. This means that anyone receiving the minimum wage is receiving poverty wages. And in 21st century Britain this is just not on.

Caroline Lucas, leader of the Green Party and an MP for Brighton Pavilion.

Contender for Labour Leadership

By campaigning for a living wage in our own areas, we can help some of the lowest-paid workers in Britain and show how our values can transform lives.

–  Ed Miliband MP, Labour leadership contender.

MP for Hackney and Stoke NewingtonEnsuring we have a living wage is extremely important. Working hard should mean being able to provide for your family and lead a decent standard of living – not living on the breadline.

Keeping people’s wages below the breadline has a knock-on effect on not only on the family unit, but the wider community in terms of anti-social behaviour and crime. This in turn places further burden on services like the police. Insisting on a living wage would alleviate this.”

Diane Abbott MP, Labour Leadership contender

Are you local to Brighton? Do you, your business, or your association support the aim of providing a Living Wage ? Email us to be listed here…


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